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A non existing reality / Fictional to veracity

Uneditioned - A nonexistent term to convert your fancy into reality.

A design initiative started by two art enthusiasts who believe in doing traditional hand painting, intertwined with digital printing. We fill in your ideas with our artistic strokes accompied with admirable visual imagery. is a versatile art and design firm offering excellent customized services that caters to client’s preferences. We have carved out our niche with our unique approach to delivering exceptional value for money handling a vast range of projects including designing of cafés, restaurants, hotels, offices, residencies or any other working or non working space.

We have our own manufacturing unit where we design desirable products as per the required concept on competitive prices. We provide solutions in interior designing, inspired by traditional and contemporary trends. The aim is to redefine your space so that you feel one with your surrounding.

We firmly believe that art and architecture is interwoven, if one is to achieve integrated functionality and aesthetic visuals that delight the soul and provide comfort for people to work or live at their best.

We provide ideas for the quality art in every space. We meet and discuss your mood to transform it into reality in front of your eyes. We paint your own thoughts, through our hands and heart out. So book your appointment soon!!!