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Addam's House

The café was based on the famous cartoon series, ‘The Addams's Family’. The task was to create the same feel and aura, that the famous series captivated their viewers with. A detailed research was done on the characters, their, looks, clothing, stylization and expressions. The ghostly lifestyle, some major ,memorable incidents from the show were taken into consideration while creating the artworks and wall paintings for the café.

Installation image of a sculpture of whale.

A mixture of 2d & 3d of character 'Lurch'

(Right): The family portrait of ‘The Addams's Family was done in high relief (3d) made in fibreglass and then spray painted. We tried to maintain the notoriousness that prevails in the characters of the family.

The interior area consists of a house and book library to depict the scenes shown in the movie

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