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Barcelos, with its roots in culture, tradition and history, offers a relaxed and convenient dining experience for a diverse range of cultures. With their successful traditional Portuguese food recipes, it’s expanding, striving continually to find a balance between the traditional, healthy home-style cuisine and the fast lane demands of the modern world. We have done two outlets for them i.e. of Hauz Khas Village & sec. 29, Gurugram. Along with the guidance provided by Rohit sir, Barcelos India head, as well as two design firms D’Art & Design Radiance, we have tried to give a more desirable shape to the already existing concept of the restaurant. The artwork created are all inspired by the culture, traditions and lifestyle of Portugal

Barcelos village scene hand etched on zinc plates and other engraved on wood.

Portraits of famous personalities of Portugal were painted on the pillars to make people appreciate Portuguese culture

The illustration was developed, keeping in mind, the mapping of the Portugal city and the authentic structural design of the buildings. The fun element and vibrant colours were included to match the easy going, rich looking traditional recipes of Barcelos

An installation of old and new album cassettes was composed on the entry wall of the cafe to create a more lively atmosphere among the customers. The installation brought more jauntiness to the interiors.

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