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A thought converted into a mega event. The mutual understanding between MC Karnal & resulted in creating a longest wall painting competition in Haryana. The event was enhanced by 700 volunteer artists. The event is a first of its type in Haryana. The ramp of Iti Chowk was fully painted by the artists. The stencils were designed to mark the logo as well as motifs of Indian culture to make the background and partition of wall painting.   The responsibilities were divided between MC Karnal and MC Karnal was taking care of every material of painting, food, transportation and preparation of surface. Uneditioned was looking in the field of designing and conceptualizing the event. Calling of artists for the event was handled by Uneditioned. Through Facebook and personal calls we called artists to participate in the competition. There were 20 volunteers from and above 50 volunteers from MC Karnal working for the event. The first thing we do is to identify the occasion on which competition is to happen. Like in this case it was a day before Gandhi Jayanti & Sunday. The mission was beautifying the city with respect to Swaccha Bharat Movement. Then comes the topic or theme for the event. In Karnal there are lot of wall done but all have been on the theme related to cleanliness or social issues. So we decided to choose a broad topic that can be deeply intrigued – Indian Culture. India is diverse, a land of many cultures and n no. of layouts can be created on the topic.